United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division
Information and Technical Assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act
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Notice: ADA Cases after 2020 are available on the Civil Rights Division website, along with all of the Division's cases. ADA Cases before then are featured below.

Accessible Technology - Enforcement

The Department's ADA enforcement efforts have helped to ensure that people with disabilities can access Web sites, electronic book readers, online courses, and point-of-sale devices.

Title I — Employment

City of Parowan, UT (3/15)

Village of Ruidoso, NM (3/15)

City of DeKalb, IL (2/15)

City of Fallon, NV (2/15)

City of Isle of Palms, SC (2/15)

City of Vero Beach, FL (2/15)

Florida State University (6/14)

Title II — State and Local Governments

Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (12/21)

Miami University et al. (10/16)

University of California at Berkeley | PDF (8/16)

Orange County (FL) Clerk of Courts (7/14)

Louisiana Tech University (7/13)

Sacramento (California) Public Library Authority (8/12)

Project Civic Access Agreements (2004 - present)

Title III — Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. (4/22)

Meijer, Inc. (2/22)

The Kroger Co. (1/22)

Hy-Vee, Inc. (12/21)

Rite Aid Corporation (11/21)

Teachers Test Prep (6/18)

Winn Dixie Stores, Inc. (PDF) (12/16)

NAD v. Harvard (PDF) (6/15)

NAD v. MIT (PDF) (6/15)

edX, Inc. (4/15)

Peapod and Ahold USA, Inc (11/14)

New v. Lucky Brand (4/14)

National Federation of the Blind et al and the United States of America v. HRB Digital LLC and HRB Tax Group, Inc. (3/14)

NAD v. Netflix (PDF) (5/12)

Princeton University (3/10)

Case Western Reserve University (1/10)

Pace University (1/10)

Reed College (1/10)