Thirty-Five Communities Agree

to Improve Civic Access

Cities, towns, and counties across America will take steps
to make programs, services, and facilities accessible

Under Project Civic Access, a total of 129 cities, towns, and counties
have entered into 135 agreements with the U.S. Department of Justice to make
their programs, services, and facilities accessible to people with disabilities

a map of the United States with cities marked where PCAS were completed
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List of all Project Civic Access Agreements

Project Civic Access Fact Sheet

Cities and Counties: First Steps Toward Solving Common ADA Problems

bullet Birmingham, Alabama
bullet Sedona, Arizona
bullet Tucson, Arizona
bullet Crittenden County, Arkansas
bullet Carpinteria, California
bullet San Luis Obispo, California
bullet Hartford, Connecticut
bullet Lafayette County, Florida
bullet Miami, Florida
bullet Ada County, Idaho
bullet Will County, Illinois
bullet Allen County, Indiana
bullet Gary, Indiana
bullet Hutchinson, Kansas
bullet Washington County, Maine
bullet Prince George's County, Maryland
bullet St. Louis County, Minnesota
bullet Missoula County, Montana
bullet Omaha, Nebraska
bullet Cheshire County, New Hampshire
bullet Paterson, New Jersey
bullet Gallup, New Mexico
bullet Monroe County, New York
bullet Bend, Oregon
bullet Monroe County, Pennsylvania
bullet Providence, Rhode Island
bullet Florence County, South Carolina
bullet Laurens, South Carolina
bullet Madison County, Tennessee
bullet Memphis, Tennessee
bullet Amarillo, Texas
bullet Webb County, Texas
bullet Washington County, Utah
bullet Loudoun County, Virginia
bullet Suffolk, Virginia

last update 08/29/06