Greyhound Lines
To Improve Service For
And Compensate Individuals
With Disabilities

Greyhound Lines has entered into a Consent Decree with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to resolve a lawsuit brought by the DOJ under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  This resolution addresses claims under the ADA, including claims that Greyhound failed to provide accessible transportation and transportation-related services to people with disabilities. Greyhound denies these allegations.

Under the Consent Decree, Greyhound will improve its service to individuals with disabilities.  Required improvements include more training for personnel, a streamlined complaint procedure, and the ability to request accommodations at time of online booking.

Greyhound will compensate individuals who experienced access barriers (to booking or travel) or accommodation issues by Greyhound from [insert date three (3) years prior to date DOJ filed decree with court] until [insert date DOJ filed decree with court].  To find out about the claims procedure and learn whether you are eligible to receive payment, please contact [insert Claims Administrator name] at [insert Claims Administrator email] or [insert Claims Administrator toll free voice and TTY telephone numbers] or [insert Claims Administrator URL dedicated for this fund].

A copy of the Consent Decree between the U.S. Department of Justice and Greyhound is available at www.ada.gov.  For further information about the ADA, visit www.ada.gov or call the Department of Justice’s toll-free ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301 (voice) or 1-833-610-1264 (TTY).